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Fear is the most honest emotion. In phases it warps the mind into a frenzie. Mike seemed particularly frightened from the beginning. Allowing Heather and Josh to control the situation, trusting their judgement on a plea of ignorance. Yet it is not ignorrance that keeps Mike passive throughout the film. Rather a bittersweet innocents eminating from his character. He seems suspicious, hysterical, hesitant and terrified. Yet it is Mike that insists upon teamwork as Josh and Heather fight for control. As their situation becomes worse, and Heather's spirit is beaten to submission, Mike becomes stronger. Urging Heather to follow him into the house. Courage? Loyalty? Dementia? Whatever it is, Mike is deffinitly the one in control by the end of the film!

Voodoo, Runin from my magic

Home...sweet home

..... a distant plea moans through the trees as Mike holds the DAT ready " I don't know if its realy him....

What the fuck is that!

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This page is dedicated to the "memory" of Mike Williams. His soul shall forever rest in peace within the blackened forests of our minds.

That map wasn't doing shit all day!

So whats your take on the Blair witch at this point?

So whats your take on the Blair Witch at this point?

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Thanks is due to all involved in the making of T.B.W.P. The realism behind the terrifying images and audio leaves one mystified. The audience is invited to scrutinize the films content for answeres to the B.W. mystery. It is impossible not to find yourself deeply involved with the story and characters. As if the watcher becomes a silent witness. Josh entrances the audience with gothic black and white 16mm images, while Heather's narritive leads the watcher deep into the woods. Her reasurance of direction and control places a metephoricle collar about the watchers neck. As her anxiety increases, the collar tightens, the images become more frightening and spiratic. Uncomprehensible noises whisper into the DAT, left to manifest within the mind(s) of the watcher. Finnally the audience is helpless, the leash is tied, pulling the watcher down a dark staircase....
Down the stairs....

Down the stairs...

I konow where we're going..

Cal Ripkin is king!

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